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Structured Data has been one of the most underestimated options which assist with Organic Awareness and click-through. Not to be confused with organic assistance as in the rank boosting. I am referring to the terms of credibility in the eyes of your audience. We have been monitoring very closely the differences with sites that do not partake in the Google Structured Data options out there. As an example, we have recently completed an 8-month test on a Fortune 100 company. This test was performed on 65 franchise websites. Understanding the markup for properly structured data is key. It all started when we noticed a star-rating that appeared in the Search Engine Results (SER) that were primarily eCommerce related websites. Basically, these are people who purchased a product and came back to leave a review. These reviews are crawled by Google when Structured Data is implemented properly. Structured Data is Google’s way to scrape reviews left by customers regarding your products. This is their one voice to state how good your products are. With that mentality, we often thought of implementing the same ideology on non-eCommerce sites. It is not a requirement to have an eCommerce site to make Google aware of what your customers are saying. In this example, we took standard customer reviews and implemented code to support Structured Data markup. Within 3 months we noticed that most SER are now being returned with a review rating. Considering that you only have a few seconds to capitalize on your audience, understanding the mentality of the consumer is critical.  Generally, SEO companies believe that there is a 3-second rule when a visitor visits your website. We believe that there is a 1-second rule when someone is browsing Organic results. We capitalize on that by leveraging Structured Data and offering up the best listing that can be displayed. By implementing this strategy, we have seen a 25% to 35% boost in organic click-through traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is an incredibly important asset to any business’ digital presence and digital success. Effective SEO allows your website to be found by more people organically. If SEO seems like an added expense that is unnecessary to your business, think again. Making this mistake will have your business’ website and content be lost in a sea of billions of web pages that customers have to choose from. Realize what the hype is all about and get on board with SEO! 

Now its time for you to do your part, Put the effort into your website it deserves. If you would like to learn more or get additional advice, please visit us at https://www.cosmicktechnologies.com today.

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