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Good quality content can cost you conversions.

What Exactly Is Blogging?

Blogging is one of the simplest ways of reaching out to your audience or customer base using social media or your website as a platform. Blogging happens to be a very effective and low-cost method for building your company’s reputation and for interacting with your customers. Blogging entails not only talking about your company’s products and services, but more importantly, listening to what your customers are interested in. Some blogs are merely for informational purposes which provide its customers with tips and tricks about their products,
new ideas regarding upcoming products, and why using certain products is important and beneficial. Generally, your blog will be a quick and satisfying read for your customers.

How Does My Company Benefit From Blogging?

Yes, keeping connected to your customers is important. Allowing them to see that your business and website is active and relevant to them is also important. However, there is even a more important reason to have a blog on your website. It is to attract new customers and more business. How? Great question. When a company has an active blog on their website our friends at Google consider the blog “new content.” Google just happens to adore new content and by making Google happy with new content on your site your website traffic count is going to increase. An increase in new traffic is an increase in new business for your company. Very
similar to your SEO campaign where targeted keywords are used to guide new traffic to your website, blogging also uses this method. Google has recently improved their algorithm to heavily focus on a website’s content and frequency of posts and updates. Therefore, if your website’s blog is updated routinely, well-managed and based on relevant topics to your business, it will greatly benefit your website’s SEO campaign. It is actually pretty simple; an increased SEO campaign means more relevant website traffic for you. Blogging is considered one of the most effective and efficient means of increasing website traffic at a very minimal cost. Simply said, the act of blogging is worth its weight in gold for a company’s website.

How To Add A Blog To Your Website

Cosmick Technologies can create, add, and properly manage professionally written blogs on your company’s website. The new content of these blogs will allow for your website to show up in more Google searches. We focus on what your company offers and personally tailor a blog around your product or service. Within the blog we use researched keywords with a high search and conversion rate to attract individuals who are searching for a company, product or on a “how to” on Google. For instance, say you own a pet store which sells puppies and offers puppy training. When someone searches Google for tips and tricks on how to train their new puppy,
Google in return finds your new content, (your blog) which has targeted keywords in it such as “how to train a new puppy.” The Google search now directs that traffic directly to your website’s blog where the person searching will not only read your blog on training tips for new puppies but also see that your company offers puppy training. The web traffic being directed to your website is very relevant and are from those specifically looking for what you offer. This is a great tool to use and our team at Cosmick will make your blog one of a kind. Contact is today with any questions regarding our professional blogging service.

Blog Content Pricing
2 Blogs per month
300-350 words each
Stock Imagery (2)
Uploaded to your site
Per Month
4 Blogs per month
600-650 words each
Stock Imagery (4)
Uploaded to your site
Per Month
300-350 words
Stock Imagery ($8 per image)
Per Blog
Website Content Pricing
Up to 300 words, original & optimized content on any topic
Per Package
Up to 1500 words, original & optimized content on any topic
Per Package
Up to 3500 words, original & optimized content on any topic
Per Package

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