Miers Insurance

The Miers team felt it necessary to put in writing our complete and utmost satisfaction with you and your team after completing our website rebuild. Our experience on a project like this historically has been a process that took a lot of time and energy amongst our firm. In this experience you were able to get a sense of who we were, what we liked and transform that into our new webiste very quickly and seemlessly . We spent less time on the actual creating of the site by giving you a sense of what we liked and letting your team run with it. We were able to spend more time perfecting the more precise details of the site which we felt most beneficial to our clients needs.

The access you have provided us in the ability to manage our site, add content, edit content and more has created a powerful tool for us to communicate our mission, vision and process to our clients and prospective clients.

Thank you again for your outstanding work. The product and price for what we have received along with the follow up service is what made us feel it necessary to express our gratefulness and happiness with this projects outcome in the form of this letter.
Feel free to use us as a reference anytime.

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