Did you know that most websites today are using a CMS versus traditional hand-coded websites?

Abbreviated as CMS, a content management system allows even those users with limited expertise to be in control of updating the content on their own site. From publishing info, editing, and adding media/pictures – a CMS is a user-friendly way for non-technical individuals to manage their online presence with ease through a web browser, with no need for programming skills.  No longer will you need to call your web developer to make a simple wording change on your website, you will be in control of updating your site, on your schedule.  Cosmick Technologies has been developing and supporting CMS websites and users in the Lehigh Valley (Allentown, Easton, and Bethlehem) for more than 13 years – contact us today to see how a CMS can make your online business presence easier.

1) You are in control of your own website

If you quickly need to make an update to your existing website, with a new event, and updated offer code, or adding a relevant piece of information for your customers – do you want to have to send that information to a 3rd party web developer and wait for it to be added?  No!  And with a CMS, you don’t have to – you are completely in control of your own website updates.

2) Not proficient in HTML? No worries!

WordPress CMS comes with an easy editor (similar to the format of Microsoft Word) where you can easily update text, add pictures, add a blog article and more – with zero coding skills required.

3) When you are ready for an update to your website design, it’s easy!

In a CMS, the design is created separately from the content.  When you are ready for a face lift to your current look, it can be done without effecting your current content and functionality.

4) Have access to handy plugins and web support

WordPress has a huge amount of plugins (which are handy tools to help you accomplish certain functionality) that can be installed to add neat features to your site, like social sharing buttons, email integration,  event and contact forms, and much more!  If you have purchased a managed service contract with Cosmick, we also provide support and updates/upgrades as they are available.

Simple Share Buttons
Simple Share Buttons