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Social Media Marketing

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Facebook ads can be as simple or sophisticated as you want them to be in Social Media Marketing. Create and run campaigns using simple self-serve tools, and track their performance with easy-to-read reports. More than two billion people use Facebook every month—so no matter what kind of audience you want to reach, you’ll find them here.

After you’ve learned the ropes of Snapchat, it’s time to learn how to use the app as a marketing tool. Understanding your target audience should be the focus of any Snapchat marketing campaign. The casual, visually stimulating nature of the app can be successfully used as a marketing tool with a well-planned strategy. Start out by determining what the tone of your Snaps will be.

Social Media Marketing is short attention span marketing. It fits well with the attention span of today’s people… In fact, if you’re a marketer you probably realize you have just a few seconds to grab someone’s attention. Though social media feeds can be busy, you still need to participate. Because if you’re not part of the noise, do you even exist?
Instagram is a staple of many small businesses' social media marketing campaigns. ... 80% of users follow at least one brand on Instagram, with 60% of these users saying they've discovered new products or services through the platform. At least 30% of Instagram users have purchased products they discovered on Instagram.
That’s the real power of LinkedIn for business: the ability to tap into existing connections and grow your brand through word-of-mouth. It’s also the top-rated social network for lead generation. If your LinkedIn marketing strategy is limited to a personal profile—especially one with an out-of-date, bare-bones resume—it’s time to up your game. You need a detailed Company Page if you want to grow your audience and drive business results.


We don’t want to toot our horn or anything, but take a moment and read what some of our trusted partners are saying about our web development skills. We have built trusting relationships for over 20 years.

Cosmick Technologies developed our first website in 2010. Recently, we engaged Cosmick to develop a new website. Anthony Ramirez worked closely with us to develop our site in a short period of time. We are very happy with our GKM Group website and would highly recommend Cosmick Technologies. Thank you for your great work!
I've been working with Cosmick for about 7 years now. Everyone on their team that I have worked with is fantastic and extremely knowledgeable in the field. Even when I make a lot of changes on a project, they always happily make any revisions needed. Our online presence has grown exponentially.

Carley was an amazing person to work with... She went above and beyond with her attention to detail and talking me down off the ledge several times during this process. She created a fantastic website that I'm extremely pleased with...Thanks again Carley for everything!

Cosmick Technologies has been our web provider for several years. Carley Kuehner's creativity, leadership and innovation has provided our company, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Choice Properties with the highest standing and best notoriety in the Real Estate Brokerage Business. Thanks Carley, and for all your top notch team members.


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