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“WooCommerce Universal Global Shipping”

Created: 11/9/15
By: Cosmick Technologies
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Thank you for purchasing WooCommerce Gloabl Shipping. If you have any questions that are beyond the scope of this help file, please feel free to email us.

Table of Contents

  1. Installation
  2. Warehouse Setup
  3. Box Class Setup
  4. Product Shipping Options
  5. Free Shipping Options
  6. Multi Box Shipping
  7. Freight Options
  8. Product Price / Weight Padding
  9. Attribute Shipping Settings
  10. UPS / USPS Settings
  11. Invoice Box Class Reporting
  12. Volume Based Shipping
  13. Automatic Rate Shipping
  14. Advanced Product Shipping Types
  15. Handling Charges
  16. Custom Messages
  17. UPS Sure Post Integration
  18. Product Promotions

A) Installation - top

This is a standard WordPress plugin and installation process. In /wp-admin click plugins and add / upload your zip file. After completion activate your plugin.

Upload Plugin

After Successful activation, you can visit your WooCommerce settings and enable WooCommerce Global Shipping as your primary shipping method. In the top tab click on WooCommerce global shipping and fill in the appropriate details that make sense to your organization. You can use USPS or UPS, or just choose one primary method of shipping.


B) Warehouse Setup - top

Warehouses are designated for drop shipping stores. If you have more than one location, or maybe your organization orders product from multiple vendors that ship directly from the vendor location, then this section is for you. For proper shipping you must fill out a Warehouse name and the zip code of the warehouse location.

Please note this section is not mandatory if you only ship from one address. You can ignore this section and setup you default shop location zip code in WooCommerce Global Shipping Settings.

Warehouse Settings Warehouse Settings

C) Box Class Setup - top

Box class settings are important if you need to conform to volume base shipping. In effect January 2015, UPS has started rolling out a new version of their online API that requires online commerce stores to calculate and package there boxes before making the call through the API (although the traditional methods still work). Setting up proper box classes enables the plugin to calculate what products fit into what box. Using advanced formula computation the plugin will automatically package and fill your boxes appropriately by size and volume.

To get started navigate to Products in wp-admin then sub-menu item called boxes.

Please note that if you want a product to only use a certain box, you must setup a specific box class for that product on the product editing level. See picture below.


Edit the box you added by filling out the appropriate box information.


On a product level, if you would like to designate a box to certain product, select your box class.

If you do not select a box class the plugin will automatically determine what box the product should go in and return a rate.


D) Product Shipping Options - top

There are many features to be setup within indiviudal products:

  1. Standard WooCommerce Product Weight
  2. Standard Product Dimensions
  3. Shipping Class (This is only used for other 3rd party shipping plugins)
  4. Select your drop ship vendor which is the Warehouse This Product Will be Shipping Out Of.
  5. Box class is only selected if you need this product to ship out of a particular box only. The system will designate this box to this product.
  6. Ship in multiple boxes are used if your product contains multiple sets of items that you need to separate the products into for shipping. Proper rates will be returned for all the boxes.
  7. Advanced Shipping: This is an override. By default the system will pack this product with other products. When selecting ship in separate package no other products will be merged into the same box. Pack with category will only pack this product with other products in its category. (Please note that there are category shipping options that will override the root level product settings)
  8. Calculate Shipping: This essentially is almost a free shipping option but the one major difference is the product will essentially be excluded from any calculations and can increase faster response speeds with shipping API calls. Most people keep it on and just use the free shipping option.
  9. Free Shipping: This will do what it says, and mark this item for free shipping.
  10. Allow Category settings to override yes or no. When you set category settings you have the option to make sure they don’t override a particular product.
  11. Extra Handling Charge will be used if you charge extra for any special Handling
  12. Dimension padding is used if you bubble wrap your product and need to pad the overall dimensions.
  13. Price padding is used if you need to pad the total cost of your item.
  14. Weight padding would be used if you need to secure your product with any material that could increase your weight, or if you need to pad the weight for any additional reasons.
  15. Max Quantity per package would be if you need to specify how many products max can be packaged with this item. Some people like a loose packing and some people prefer tight packing methods.
  16. Ground Only will state that this product can only be shipped UPS ground with no other UPS methods.
  17. Allow USPS: This will return USPS rates for this product as well as UPS.
  18. Freight Cost will override all shipping settings and mark this product as a freight only product. There is a global freight message that can be setup in global shipping settings. This message will be displayed at the top of the cart advising how the shopper should proceed. All other non-freight calculations for products will still be calculated.
Product Shipping

E) Free Shipping Options - top

Free shipping is set on the product shipping options. (Note in WooCommerce Global Shipping settings you can exclude certain countries and states from free shipping.)

Free Shipping

F) Multiple Shipping Boxes - top

Sometime a single product may ship in multiple boxes. You can designate multiple.

Multiple Box

G) Freight Options - top

When you assign a product to freight only product a message will appear in the cart with specific instructions on how your shopper will proceed to pay for shipping with this method. You can set a global freight message in WooCommerce Global Shipping settings.

Freight Freight Message

H) Product Price / Weight Padding - top

You have the ability to transparently increase shipping options with price / weight / dimensions. This would be a good use case if you have additional materials you need to pack within your product, or you need to inflate shipping for this product.

Price Padding

I) Attribute Shipping Settings - top

Attributes consist of overrides from the root level settings. You can add additional cost and weight to an additional attribute.


J) UPS / USPS Settings - top

UPS and USPS settings can be setup in WooCommerce Global Shipping Settings.

Shipping Settings

K) Invoice Box Class Reporting - top

On the bottom of every product order details will consist of packaging information that will include what boxes are used and what products to pack into which box.

Box Report

L) Volume Based Shipping - top

By default if you setup boxes our plugin will use an advanced volume based algorithm to calculate what products fit into what boxes. The plugin will combine products to fit in their appropriate size box. If you do not setup boxes volume based calculations will not be in effect and a standard rate based on total weight only will be sent to UPS. These rates are not always accurate because you are not calling for a precise calculation based on Length Width Height.

M) Automatic Rate Shipping - top

Automatic shipping rates are always used for USPS. USPS is a returned rate by total weight. If you include full product dimension the total price for shipping will be reflected by total weight and total dimensions. The same applies to UPS. If you setup boxes in the system this will use volume based shipping rates instead of automatic returned rates.

N) Advanced Product Shipping Types - top

With Advanced Shipping Options you have the ability to do the following:

Advanced Shipping

O) Handling Charges - top

You can setup additional handling charges on a per order, per package, per item.

Handling Charge

P) Custom Messages - top

In WooCommerce Global Shipping settings you have the ability to setup custom messages for failed calculations and freight costs.

Q) UPS Sure Post Integration - top

An often rare occurrence you will see website supporting UPS Sure post. We have built in support and returned rates for UPS Sure Post.

R) Product Promotions - top

With advanced promotions you now have the ability to discount your products without having to use a coupon or promotion code. Promotions can be run on per product or per category level. The plugin give you the ability to have shoppers meet criteria before a promotion is automatically applied. For example if you want a shopper to buy 3 products and get the 4th free, or get the 4th at a specific discount or price. The promotion can be applied as a percentage off of the cart or a fixed price.

Promotions can also be applied based on amounts. A shopper has to satisfy a certain amount in their cart before a promotion is applied. You can use the description area to notify the buyer how much they need to spend to meet this requirement.

There are descriptions you can turn on an off for each promotion. If you turn the description on a product level you promotion text will show. Same goes for the category level using the message area in your WooCommerce template. Descriptions can be styled using the built in WYSIWYG editor.

In the cart you will see the promotion name and discount being applied.

Once again, thank you so much for purchasing this Plugin. As stated in the beginning, we would be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to this plugin.

Cosmick Technologies

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