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Cosmick Technologies is the Lehigh Valley’s leading web development company. We assist businesses of all sizes with a variety of creative online endeavors. Bottom line – we deliver attractive, professional, and affordable web design. We also offer SEO, custom development, social media integration, and mobile application development services.

We offer affordable web development services packages for consumers of any budget, whether you are looking to begin building a website from scratch, or are updating the look of your current website – we are here to make the process easy and fun.

Our website designs are clean, fresh, and user-friendly. We design each and every website with the client’s goals in mind, to ensure our clients are always satisfied with the finished product. Please contact us today to see how we can assist you with website development,search engine optimization, or custom development and we will provide you with a free consultation.

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We are all about sharing knowledge and experience. We’ve featured case studies that have stood out with success whether it be with unique decision making or design overhauls. Here at Cosmick we take all aspects into consideration from ground breaking planning to implementation to further growth and success. We measure all aspects from Illustration, Typography, Advertising, Design, Branding, Content, Functionality, User Experience, and Optimization. To grow a respectable client customer relationship, we not only develop you a digital good, we embrace your goals and mission statement as we are one of your very own. Together we share the same visions and grow as a team. We have selected some of our featured case studies in which the Cosmick way has brought fourth success in many ways.


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